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Cloud Events


Join us for one of our monthly Cloud Events for practical hands-on training in cloud development. Hosted by the OIT Cloud Office engineers, the Cloud Events are a great place to network, learn about BYU's cloud services, and develop skills catered to your needs. We encourage anyone interested in the cloud to attend, including those from businesses and universities outside of BYU.

BYU AWS Sandbox


This account is available to those wanting to familiarize themselves with AWS before requesting their own account. Access is granted for one month and may be renewed. Be aware that this account is cleaned every weekend, meaning any running services or other resources on the account will be lost.

Other Resources


This is a comprehensive list of all of OIT's Cloud Office training. This list is constantly being updated to provide you with the most up-to-date, relevant training for your cloud needs.


With hands-on tutorials, straightforward videos, and training from experts, this is a great place to get started with Amazon Web Services. You can follow learning paths to get you up-to-speed on AWS topics and even prepare for AWS certifications.


Microsoft has an extensive learning library on a range of topics, from Finance to Data Science and IT in Azure. With learning paths and small, manageable modules, you can learn at your own pace and develop skills in Azure that you can use in research, development, and making data-driven decisions.


A Cloud Guru is an online education company dedicated to providing world-class training in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. These first-rate courses are actually used at AWS to train their engineers and come highly recommended


Mendix is a low-code application development solution that is hosted on AWS resources. It helps you leverage the power of AWS to create professional applications quickly and easily—without worrying about version control, provisioning, or any actual programming. Mendix provides useful webinars, learning paths, and documentation to help you every step of the way.


Udemy is an online education platform, with thousands of courses taught by industry professionals on a wide variety of topics. We use Udemy extensively to train our engineers in databasing, programming, AWS, and more. With inexpensive and high-quality content, Udemy is a great resource for gaining new skills.


After acquiring, LinkedIn has combined their resources to make a large online course library specifically taught by industry professionals: LinkedIn Learning. BYU students, faculty, and staff have free subscriptions to this service, and they have courses for just about everything. We have found it helpful in training students and full-time employees on a variety of topics, including business strategy, cloud computing, and data science.

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